Opportunities at GRDA

Find out more about the opportunities available for volunteer development and qualifications.

Opportunities For Development & Gaining Qualifications

Developing through the grades

Help towards employment

Having fun and learning
through competition


As a group member of the National RDA organisation, we offer the opportunity for participants to develop skills and knowledge through the structured grade programmes in riding and horse care.

In conjunction with a local school, we have also recently introduced some of the Scottish Qualification Authority modules – Employment skills – working with Animals (National 2). The aim of these modules is to help participants find out and experience, under supervision, the role of working in a stable environment. For example, participants will learn to identify equipment used for feeding the horses or cleaning the stables correctly and put it to its correct use.

We also offer the opportunity for participants to take part in the competitions organised at Regional and National level by the National RDA. These competitions take the form of dressage tests for all levels, including led tests at walk, as well as the Art and Crafts competitions, story competitions and many others. By succeeding in these modules, our hope is that it will help our participants get an interesting and suitable job when they leave school.

All volunteers complete basic training, but there are also e-learning and practical modules set out by National RDA which volunteers may complete. These are suitable for all types of volunteering including working with the participants and ponies to being a trustee. Please let us know if you are interested in the e-learning modules.

Becoming a Coach

Many RDA coaches started off by being a volunteer in a group and then followed the RDA coaching pathway to become a coach.

To become a coach, a volunteer must complete the e-learning modules on Disability Awareness and Equine Knowledge and the two practical modules on Mounting/Dismounting and Preparing and Assisting RDA Sessions.To progress after doing the modules, volunteers then need to attend a pre-coach training session, and register on the RDA database to become a coach in training. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a coach.